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The project

Tregion ATS will take place in the foresty state of Arkansas. It all startes as a project of Bobgrey who wanted to make his own state Arkansas in 1:1. After some discussion and approach from the Tregion team he agreed with merging with our team. Today the team is still expanding and we're still recruiting mappers to work on the project. Tregion ATS will be an enhanced experience compared to other ATS map mods. After Arkansas is done, we might move to enother state. But that is something for later. For now we want to be one of the biggest and best ATS map mods the ATS world has ever known. And we are on the way doing that!


Why are we different than other maps?


With our vast landscaping, Tregion ATS is a way different player than other ATS maps. We go for quality!.

Unique crossings and highways

Because of our 1:2 scale, we have the ability to create several unique crossings and highways/inrechanges

Americans in our team!

We have almost only Americans working on the ATS map. That means that they have a lot of local knowledge and know how the stuff works! Better than Europeans can!

Just wait and see

There is way more we can't tell you about yet. Just wait and see!

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